Sunday, April 27, 2008

But you did, but you did, but you did

One only needs to tune into any 24-hour news outlet for tales of war and violence, poverty and disaster. You do what you can at home to help- you recycle, teach your kids to say 'please' and 'thank you', maybe you even have the time to volunteer for a worthy cause. We live in a world that can be harsh and boorish and and yet, most of experience moments of grace and kindness, often in the presence of a total stranger.

This blog was created for the singular purpose of thanking those individuals who went out of their way- and even those who were just doing their jobs- to create a moment of kindness, to save the day, to make you smile. This blog is a space to celebrate the kindness of strangers.

Some strangers donate blood and organs

Some strangers feed parking meters when they see time is about to run out

Some strangers open doors

Some strangers share what they have, even when it's not much

Some strangers see a parent pushing a stroller and help carry it up a flight of stairs or off of a bus

Some strangers share their umbrella

Some strangers return lost wallets

Some strangers lend a hand, or give up a seat, or pay you a compliment on a day you really need it

Some strangers remind us that not all people suck

Go ahead, thank one.

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