Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kindness Returned

At a cafe I worked at for a while, we had a lot of regular customers -- some we liked, some we didn't, some we just recognised. But two stand out firmly in my mind. One of our regulars came in to have a cup of coffee and get some work done while another was having breakfast with her family. The first customer knocked over her drink, and before any of us could notice, the second was on her feet, napkins in hand, helping clean up the spill and make sure the first customer's paperwork and laptop were out of harm's way. It struck me as such a kind action -- disrupting breakfast with your family to jump to a stranger's aid. It struck me even more when the first customer came to the counter to pay for her drink -- and insisted on paying for the entire family's breakfast! It was absolutely heartwarming to see two women who had never met before do such kind things for each other; it went a long way toward putting everyone there in a better mood, and a better frame of mind about the state of the world. So to both of you, thank you for being such wonderful examples of what we should all be striving for!

And thank you to you for this blog; it's put a smile on my face, and I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks.

-anonymous waitress in austin

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Carol said...

I believe I would have tried to help and I like that in the lady with the family. I am enjoying reading your blog!