Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday morning, May 9th, Jewel-Osco in Woodstock IL

I was doing my shopping with my 2 children, Genevieve is almost 5 and Henry is 2 1/2. We were looking for the on-sale items, feeding our family with healthy foods that are affordable is a little more difficult lately. As we were scoping out the Pirate's Booty - that was on sale! - my daughter realized she was blocking the aisle. "Oh, sorry" she said as she moved aside. The other woman with the cart said thanks and continued on.We continued on with our shopping, only to meet up with the same woman as we were scoping out the on-sale organic meat in the frozen section. "I'm so glad other people shop like me," she said as I was taking out my coupons. "Yeah, even my daughter can recognize sale tags now," I said, rather proudly.
We chatted about finding deals and using coupons, I think both of us enjoying a bit of grown-up talk. Later we met again as she was ahead of us in the check out lane. I noticed lots of baby food in her cart, so I was sure she enjoyed the grown-up talk then, as much as I did. We chatted some more and she left. I finished up and headed out to my car with my bags. As we were walking, this wonderful Mom stopped her car next to me to let me know how pleasant and well-behaved my children are, that I should be proud and how much it meant to her to see that out at the store that day.I thanked her, probably rather profusely, and we wished each other a Happy Mother's Day.

So to the woman at Jewel who noticed that I have nice kids - you made my weekend. Thank You!
Jane Seibert, Harvard, IL

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